About Us

Carol Kauder

As a moderator, Carol Kauder works with major corporations and  entrepreneurs to infuse the voice of the consumer into branding and  innovation strategy. She combines skills honed as the director of insights for Radar Communications, specializing in ethnographic research, and as a branding and innovation strategist at Egg Strategy. Carol has a masters degree in journalism and spent seven years working in newspaper, magazine and public radio reporting before crossing over to market research in 2001. She brings to all her projects a journalistic sense of inquisitiveness and objectivity, and by doing so, creates a solid foundation for the consumer perspective to inspire and shape strategic action. She has worked on some of the world’s best-known brands, including Intel, Major League Baseball and Verizon. 

Living in Boulder, Colo., Carol embraces the Rocky Mountain lifestyle. She is a competitive cyclist on the road, track and cyclocross, and is an avid telemark skier.  

Courtney Holden

As project manager at CLK Consulting, Courtney Holden keeps the recruiting process and fieldwork schedule running smoothly. With a masters in journalism from the University of Colorado, Courtney has both the people skills to keep respondents engaged and eager to participate, and the analytical skills to provide indispensable support during the post-fieldwork analytical process. Courtney has worked on projects for clients including Major League Baseball, Sysco, Verizon, Columbia Sportswear, and Capella University.